BE THE VOICE supports both Students and Staff

The heartbeat of our initiative revolves around a 12-week video series that showcases diverse peer social influencers sharing personal experiences of how they inspired change within their school and community. Topics range from bullying, exclusion, anxiety, mental-health, race. stereotyping, peer-conflict, ethnicity, serving the community – and other student-centric issues. See an example from the current 22-23 high-school series:

In addition to the weekly visual messaging, we provide a variety of upbeat networking activities designed to foster new friendships as students work together to meet monthly BTV goals.
See schools in action here:

Be THE Voice challenges reactive instincts that can lead to conflict, and instead promotes empathy and inclusion! BTV classrooms run more smoothy because students feel connected with their peers and can focus on learning, and teachers spend their time “teaching” (instead of disciplinary measures).

In fact, we’re thrilled to share that 2021-22 teacher survey feedback showed a decrease in both in-school and out-of-school suspensions in both the Elementary and Middle-School programs.

HOW is it different than other school programs?

Be THE Voice is not an adult-led curriculum. BTV is a student-driven initiative which results in a real buy-in with their peers. Students have a great deal of influence over each other, so our P2P approach allows them to take the lead & inspire change!

SECOND: It’s Video Based
65% of students are visual learners, so our video format is highly effective with students replicating what they viewed the very same day!
See a true story here:

THIRD: It’s Fun!
We carefully craft age-level campaigns for elementary, middle, and high school that feature engaging peer videos, monthly challenges that allow students to flex their "kindness muscle" and logoed merchandise to leave a lasting impression year-round. We work hard to keep our brand, messaging & content on-trend with the youth of today!

FOURTH: It’s Based on Science
Successful behavior modification campaigns require repeating a specific behavior pattern for a period of at least 3 – 6 months. Science has proven that with enough repetition, all the related brain cells involved in the activity eventually connect, and the new behavior becomes an ingrained pattern.

Deadline to enroll for the 2023-24 school year is June 30th, 2023.

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