Fostering a sense of connection for students has been our passion and primary objective from the outset of the Be THE Voice® program! Our mission is to teach students sound communication skills that allow them to see beyond their differences, and it’s never too early to start. Children are born into this world without prejudice, and like a dry sponge, they absorb whatever is on the surface. They mirror the attitudes and beliefs of those around them and may unknowingly adopt discriminatory behavior.

This can lead to conflict and division, which becomes harder to change as they grow up. That’s why Be THE Voice® is so important in the formative years. Our innovative student driven approach creates a sense of belonging, encourages empathy and promotes respectful interactions among peers.


Be THE Voice® is NOT a curriculum
No staff training is required

Be THE Voice® is facilitated by a school club which reflects the demographic at each school,
resulting in an immediate buy-in with the student body

Our plug-and-play format fits easily into any school schedule

Be THE Voice® amplifies the impact of other social-and-emotional learning initiatives the school has in place
Be THE Voice provides schools with a two semester format.  The fall semester revolves around set timeline of videos and activities.  The spring semester (from January through March), schools engage in one activity per month. This flexibility allows schools to adapt the program to their specific schedules and needs.

August – Early September
  • Program Set-Up: Select an enthusiastic student club, group, or panel to facilitate the campaign
  • Program and Video Access: The BTV teacher receives the Program and Video access link
  • Booster Kit: Each school receives one Booster Kit filled with project supplies and variety of trendy merchandise
  • Video Day: Designate a weekly timeslot (roughly 5 minutes) for the presentation of the video and to facilitate discussion

  • Kick-Off Day: BTV members select a morning to greet students bright and early in the Carpool and Bus Lanes, then facilitate the Banner Signing activity.
  • The Weekly Video Series begins, featuring engaging content for students.
  • Post Video Discussion Points are provided in the Elementary and Middle-School programs to prompt discussion on the weekly topics

September – December Activities
  • Locate an Old Friend Day
  • BTV Chalk Inspirations
  • World Smile Day
  • Sweetest Day
  • Extra Mile Day
  • Make Kindness Stick
  • BTV Sock Drive
  • BTV Food Drive for Needy Animals

January - Students are encouraged to “Do Something” on Martin Luther King Jr. Day that is meaningful to them and beneficial to their school or community.  

February - Be THE Voice® broadens its reach to include the entire school community through active participation in the annual BTV Souper-Bowl Challenge. This initiative underscores the importance of collective impact and community engagement.

March - Be THE Voice® concludes in March with the prestigious Very Important Voice (VIV) student recognitions. These recognitions celebrate students who have actively contributed to kindness, inclusion, and positive change. This annual activity is always a beautiful showcase of the student body’s buy in of the initiative, in addition to the school’s commitment in the development of the whole child.
2023/24 Campaign Components image
High School Booster Kit:
50 shirts, 30 posters, BTV QR code stickers, 10 foam hands, 1500 bracelets, 1 banner, Sharpies, 500 Tyvek wristbands, construction paper, 300 note cards, 1000 tattoos, 1000 laptop skins, and 500 pencils.

Middle School Booster Kit:
1 USB, 50 shirts, 30 posters, BTV QR code stickers, 10 foam hands, 1000 bracelets, 1 banner, Sharpies, 500 Tyvek wristbands, construction paper, 300 note cards, 800 tattoos, 500 laptop skins, 1 chalk tub, 1000 pencils.

Elementary School Booster Kit:
50 shirts, 30 posters, BTV stickers, 10 foam hands, 500 youth bracelets, 200 adult bracelets, 1 banner, Sharpies, 250 Tyvek wristbands, 200 wooden clothespins, 1 chalk tub, construction paper, 400 tattoos, note cards, and 500 pencils.

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