Kids’ Declining Mental Health Is the ‘Crisis of Our Time,’ says Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, and that "we all have a role to play in supporting youth mental health and creating a world where young people thrive."

We couldn't agree more, which is why we’re so passionate about what we're doing at Be THE Voice®!

Be THE Voice® is a student-led movement for kindness, compassion, and inclusion in K-12 schools. The initiative revolves around a weekly video series, shown school wide, that features diverse peer influencers sharing first-hand experiences on topics ranging from bullying to exclusion, anxiety, mental health, stereotyping, serving the community, and other student-centric issues. These videos inspire and encourage students “to do what is right, not what is easy” in everyday situations – equipping them with the interpersonal skills to be the voice of kindness and inclusion within their schools and communities.

In addition to weekly visual messaging, we provide a variety of fun networking activities designed to foster new friendships as students work together to meet monthly goals. The combination of both visual and hands-on messaging challenges reactive instincts that can lead to conflict, and instead promotes empathy and inclusion.

Other good news – According to BTV 2022-23 survey feedback, our initiative is benefitting the teaching staff too!  2022-23 post-program data reported a significant decrease in office referrals and out-of-school suspensions in both of  the Elementary and Middle-School programs. Be THE Voice helps to facilitate a space where students feel connected with their peers and are ready to learn, and where teachers can “teach” rather than manage student misbehavior.

That's a win-win situation if you ask us, so sign your school up today by reaching out to
The deadline to enroll for the 2023-24 program cycle is 6/30/23.