Julia Bernath

Fulton County District 7 Board President

“BTV is a wonderful program already making a difference in our schools. As a student-driven initiative, BTV empowers all students to help stop bullying and not just stand by as a passive observer. Everyone could use the skills being introduced through the Be THE Voice program! Thank you!”

Kindra Smith

Principal, Riverwood Int'l Charter School

Be THE Voice is more than a program. It’s a culture changer that can ignite a kinder, more compassionate and inclusive environment led by students. In my opinion, BTV should be in every school! We’ve tried everything else, why not bet on our kids to inspire change!

Check out Kindra's Video endorsement!

Jolly Abraham

Teacher, Ridgeview Charter Middle-School

Ridgeview Charter Middle students are required to complete service activities each year for the International Baccalaureate program. We're proud that the Be THE Voice was selected as the #1 program/club in which to do so by 27% of the students polled.