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Georgia School Board Association, Development Specialist, Ms. Julia Bernath
She is a long-time advocate as the past Board Fulton County District 7 Board President (retired).

Fulton County Schools, Assistant Superintendent Student Support Services, Dr. Chris Matthews Email:
Long-time advocate with 27 schools enrolled in the 2022/23 program.

Paul D West Middle School, Ms. Alisa Forts

Garden Hills Elementary, Ms. Aleah Brown

Haralson County Schools, District Counselor, Elena Schulenberg

The Cottage School, Headmaster, K-12 private school, Dr. Steve Palmer

Findley Oaks Elementary, Principal Camille Christopher

Pope High-School, Teacher Ally Williams

C.H. Gullatt Elementary, Principal Shawanna Arnold

Riverside International Charter High-School, Principal Kindra Smith
Principal Smith also serves on our Board, and has implemented BTV at both the Middle and High-School level since 2016.

Districts with schools new to the BTV program for 2022-23

Clayton County Public Schools, Dr. Alicia Dunn, Director of Counseling.
Office: 470-409-1992

Dekalb County School District, Deborah Moore-Sanders, Ph.D., Deputy Superintendent.
Office: 678-676-0291

Atlanta Public Schools, Dr. Veneschia Bryant, Coordinator of Social Emotional Learning.
Office: 404-802-2653

Harris County School District, Vicki Curry-Williams, Coordinator of Social Services.
Office: 706-628-4206 x 2302