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1. Fulton County District 7 Board President, Ms. Julia Bernath

2. Fulton County School Board Member, Ms. Katha Stuart
She can speak of the impact of BTV as both a school board member and parent.
Refer to the video “Caroline” on our Videos page to see that story:

3. Assistant Superintendent Student Support Services, Fulton County schools, Mr. Chris Matthews
FCS has provided the BTV program for multiple schools for years in Fulton county for years (23
schools in 2021/22, 24 enrolled for the 2022/23 program).

4. Mountain Park Elementary School Principal (retired), Ms. Stacy Perlman
Long-time advocate and program participant since 2016.

5. Ridgeview Charter Middle School Principal Opie Blackwell
Passionate student leadership and support for our messaging.

6. Haralson County Schools, Career Coordinator K-12, Elena Schulenberg
As a career counselor and BTV Club teacher, she can share the impact of this program at the high-school level for the last 4 years.

7. The Cottage School Headmaster, Dr. Steve Palmer
Long-time advocate of BTV and program participant since 2015.

8. Findley Oaks Elementary, Principal Camille Christopher

9. Pope High-School, Teacher Ally Williams

NEW DISTRICTS enrolled for 2022-23

1. Clayton County Public Schools, Dr. Alicia Dunn, Director of Counseling.
Office (470) 409-1992

2. Dekalb County School District, Deborah Moore-Sanders, Ph.D., Deputy Superintendent.
Office: 678-676-0291

3. Atlanta Public Schools, Dr. Veneschia Bryant, Coordinator of Social Emotional Learning.
Office: 404-802-2653

4. Harris County School District, Vicki Curry-Williams, Coordinator of Social Services.
Office: 706-628-4206 x 2302

5. Muscogee County School District, Britt David Magnet School, Monica Medlin.
Office: 706-748-2617