Dunwoody Springs Elementary had quite a few winners of the Very Important Voice (VIV) award! Most of the comments are from the students who nominated them. What a stellar group of kids!  Keep up the great work! 

Nya Murray – Nya is very trustworthy and helpful.  She is kind, a good friend, strong, beautiful and respectful to everyone!

Sharon Omorodion – She’s a good friend and is super kind to others!  She’s super awesome and deserves to win this award.  She supports classmates when they are struggling and helps keep them calm.  She is a friend to everyone!

Matthew Parker – Matthew shows respect to all! Matthew is a great Be the Voice leader!  He is always presenting good ideas for the group.  He is always eager to participate and spread kindness throughout the school!

Ava Pecora – Ava is always kind and invites people to play.

Jevon Burrell – Jevon has shown great amounts of kindness throughout the school year, not just to me but to many others.  Jevon speaks to me every day and always asks how I’m doing or if my day was good.

Not Pictured:

Allison Gomez – She’s so kind towards me and others!  She always includes others! She is just amazing!

Laila Wingfield – She is always nice to others.  She smiles, includes others and makes others feel good. Thanks again Fulton County Schools for your continued support of the Be THE Voice program!