Co-founder & Executive Director Debbie Baker Cwalina is featured in Shoutout Atlanta! In this article she shares why she uses her voice for kindness, compassion & inclusion. 

"BTV encourages everyone to see the common humanity in each other. Our video series feature diverse peer-influencers from all-walks-of-life sharing stories that inspire the student viewer to re-engage.”

She also gives a shoutout to her husband of 30 years, Pete Cwalina. “When I approached him with a crazy idea to help kids who struggled to “fit in” (like my sweet brother), he not only supported the long hours I spent in developing the concept, but he also came up with the name of the organization on a bar napkin at Taco Mac within minutes (something my co-founder and I were unable to do!)”  

Plus, co-founder Michael Schoppenhorst and the Roswell Rotary Club. “Both were instrumental in the development – and financing – of my mission of teaching students how to support each other when witnessing bullying, exclusion and other difficult situations involving their peers.” 

Also, find out her favorite local spots to take out of town guests.