In addition to being recognized for perfect attendance and participation in the BTV program, we’re proud to share that these four young ladies from Taylor Road Middle were awarded as a Very Important Voice of Kindness, Compassion & Inclusion during the 2021-22 school year. 

Karlie Kohler (pictured above) is recognized as a 2nd year VIV recipient because she always exudes a positive attitude and includes other students. Her plans are to continue being a part of BTV in high school.

Shown below from left to right:

Saanvi Yalamanchili is the voice for her peers with administration as she understands the call of a student led program.

Jyotsna Prabaker also shares ideas from her classmates with the principals. She too understand the purpose of the BTV group.

Melody Barnes is enthusiastic about the BTV mission and wants to continue being a part next year. A big shout out to teacher Bonnie Bailey for her enthusiasm and support as their club sponsor, in addition to Fulton County Schools for their annual sponsorship  of this program.